Midterm slump – 2A

I had to differentiate this term. Seeing as how there is a slump for every term.

I had some surprises this term. In terms of school, they were all bad. I thought I aced my cs245 midterm. It turns out I got a 67%. It seems I just didn’t understand one of the main questions.

While the grades are not released, I honestly feel like I failed my cs246 midterm. I actually left about half of the midterm blank, and I am not too confident about the stuff that I wrote down.

I’m pulling an allnighter on a Sunday night/ Monday morning so that I can get my schedule back on track. I am currently sitting in the big mac labs in MC. There is one other dude in here, he looks like he was masturbating a few moments ago. Now he is cutting his nails. 😦 Gross.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday




See advisor


MATH 235


See counsellor


STAT 230


Ranking due 2pm


245 TUT

235 TUT





Read Ch1



















Review A1-3

Read Ch2

Read Ch3

















230- Wing it!


Review A4

Read Ch3

Read Ch4

245 Due













Read Ch4




















246 Due

Review A4-7

I am not going to use the invincible spell because I have no faith in myself this time. 😦


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