Learning to love

I am learning to love Computer Science. Slowly.

It is a love-hate relationship. I feel more and more discouraged at the beginning. But the feeling of enlightenment upon finding the solution is priceless. This feeling has not changed since grade 10. It is a great reminder of why I chose to go into CS.
Thank you.

The term is in progress. I have my worries, but I am more mellow this term. Chaos is brewing, but I feel pretty calm.

I had my first (real) interview. I fell very confident about it. I think I could have done better had I focused on the things I already knew prior to the interview.

Funny enough, although I did not get the job, I have absolutely no regrets. I learned a lot from this interview. It was a positive experience. I stayed true to myself and took risks (this risk did not contribute to my failure to secure the position). Prior to being paged, I spent 20 minutes debating on whether to bring my yearbook with me, or how I should bring it without looking unprofessional.
In the end, I decided to hold my head high and walk in with the yearbook unhidden. If there was a chance for me to showcase my work, then I will accept it along with its consequences.
Even if my yearbook did not help me, or made me look unprofessional, I still believe I made the right choice.


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