On being lonely

A new term is starting.


Seeing the first years wondering around made me realize something.


I am afraid of being lonely.


I never thought about this. But I was never alone. The only time when I was without friends, I ended up withdrawing from school.


I have always treasured friendship. I never underestimated the power of my friends and the comfort that they provided.

But I never thought I would be so lonely.


3 Responses to “On being lonely”

  1. Kal Says:

    New header needed! D:

  2. Kal Says:

    In terms of being lonely, it’s going to happen again and again over the years, not just during the school years. I know this is a really late reply, but I’m sure there’s always friends wherever you go, because you are you.

    Sorry for the cheese-fest comment.

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