Utilities Wishlist.

Sadly, my Teflon pot died a few weeks ago. Death by scratching. For the sake of the apartment’s health, it is now retired.

I loved that pot. It was the first piece of serious cookware that I purchased by myself. I was always careful of with it, but things like this happen. I will move on and start over.



Moving on. I noticed that I am always in need of a few items that I do not have possession of. I will write all of it down here as a wish list.

  1.  A face towel. I’m tired of carrying around a bath towel whenever I need something to dry myself.
  2. A shallow, non-stick. Something sturdy, that CAN handle scratches
  3. A bigger bowl. I have one, but one isn’t enough.
  4. A dutch oven. My soup/broiling nightmares will be over.

2 Responses to “Utilities Wishlist.”

  1. Kal Says:

    Why is there no porn on this list?

    Poor pot. D:

  2. Punny Says:

    We’re too poor for porn.

    Unless you want to direct one *nudge nudge*.

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