New hobby

75% of the apartment is now into polymer clay sculpting.

But before that, here are some shots from earlier last week. I woke up After pulling another all-nighter, I was greeted with a foggy morning.

This is the most amount of fog I have seen in at least twelve years.

warning, the above images were not resized. Gigantic images awaits if you click.

Now, on the hobby.

I bought the clay a few weeks ago, and made my first sculpture. However, I did not bake it until this Friday, when my gro K-Al also got in on the action.

My first Piplup, on the bottom-left.

From this point onwards, the post will be heavy on the photo side.

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta be lame, stay at home and sculpt on Fridays!

The Stars: My Piplup and K-Al’s Kyubey. Sculpted and ready for the oven.

After popping our delicious penguin and cat  death into the oven. We went out for some ice cream with the apartment’s Alien.

…After thirty minutes….

Our timing is obviously off. Lesson learned. Baking is serious ice cream business.

First coat.

The finished products.

Silly scenario shot. 

Teaser for next post:

This post took (way) longer than expected. I spent an hour on it!

I must remind myself that this is NOT an ideal thing to do, especially after pulling another all-nighter.

My eyes are kind of burning. But I still have a lot of errands to do today, as well as attend Graph Theory (MATH 239) at 1:30 p.m.

The term is coming to an end. I feel just a tab-bit behind. So I will need to catch up quickly.

Stress is building up, but I think I can handle it.

Surely, I will be alright.


One Response to “New hobby”

  1. Kal Says:

    The Piplup siblings are cute! And yes to the last statement…get some sleep sometime.

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