To my future self

Dear future Me,

This is the 19-years-old me. I will turn 20 tomorrow.

I hope life is going well for you. I want to give you a few reminders so you don’t forget who you are:

1. Call mom more often, please. She worries about you, a lot.

2. Try to talk to dad. Remember he will always be your dad, and he loves you.

3. I hope you stayed in Computer Science. Don’t forget your promise to yourself in high school. This was the first goal you ever had. I hope you didn’t give up that easily.

If you did give up. I hope you had an honest try at it, and did not back-out before your future in Computer Science even started. I hope you were happy with your decision when you withdrew. I hope you do not regret your decision.

4. Stop lying to yourself. Be yourself, you don’t have to be as interesting as you think you should be. Please, please, please, just be yourself.

5. I hope you are healthy. I hope you’ve gained some self-esteem.

6. If you started dating, I sincerely hope you did after you gained some self-esteem. Please remember the promise you made to yourself when you were 18. You cannot be in a relationship in your current state, you will only hurt yourself.

7. You have your invincible seal.

“Surely, you will be alright.”


2 Responses to “To my future self”

  1. robostrike Says:

    I wish you success~

  2. Punny Says:

    It’s been 10 days, and I’m doing alright.

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