What happened (2009-2010)? Part 1

I want to summarize what happened this past year. Seeing that I am a student, I seem to consider the beginning of the year to be September (beginning of a school year), rather than the common January 1st.

And if I have to describe the 2009-2010 year, I would say that I achieved everything, and lost everything all in that same year. I hit my highest strides, buckled down and achieved what I thought to be everything I could ever have. I ranked the highest at my high school, got enough scholarships to cover my entire first year (if I went to UofT). I thought I had everything right.

But while all this happened, some of my old habits were catching up on me. And once I was burned out, these habits took over completely. I did whatever I could to avoid things, told many lies and just got extremely lazy. It is something that has cost me a fortune.

Skip ahead to university. While I was happy to finally have my goal realized, I was still unsure about many things.

I don’t know anything about CS, will I really be alright?

I do not know  a single soul at Waterloo, can I really survive the loneliness?

These were just some of the questions swimming in my head.

I took these two pictures on 2010-09-06 at 06:50. Right before departing for Waterloo. I still remember the exact feelings I had while I took these pictures. I was sad, happy, scared, curious, but what I was feeling the most was regret. There were so many unfinished business. I had so many things I should have done differently. I figured I couldn’t do anything about them that morning, and just moved forward.

Right before arriving at Waterloo, I remember quietly telling my mom, “I’m not ready.”


Part 2 will describe what happened while I was at Waterloo.


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