Feb. report

This is a sort of a progress report, mainly for my personal benefit so that I know where I am at this point.

The major evaluation officially ended last week. The physics Rube Goldberg machine was the last thing to worry about. I honestly feel unsatisfied with how I am doing right now. I feel like I am slacking off, I lack the motivation I had in September. In fact, I’ve been reading shoujo manga instead of studying for the last two weeks. It hasn’t hurt me so far, but I think it’ll affect me if I continue to do so.

Physics gave me a big blow, I only got a 84% on the midterm. I should be doing way better, at least scoring in the high 90s’. I neglected to bring my binder home so I didn’t study much, this was completely my fault. As a result, my mark has dropped from 98% to 94%. My mark will make or break the 95% mark depending on how well our Rube Goldberg machine does.

Speaking of the Rube Goldberg machine, it was honestly fun to do. I got really annoyed with it at the end, but I honestly had fun making it with my group. Now, my disastrous gr.11 musical instrument was a nightmare. I blame myself on bringing the whole group down, even though I did all of the work. This year I was set on keeping the team together and work as a team. I did it and I am very thankful for my group members for sticking and trusting me.

I do not know why I am still in accounting, I actually haven’t shown up to class for two weeks. In short, I have no idea what is happening in all of chapter 8. I think I will be fine, but I hate the class. I honestly hate the material. It isn’t even the fact that I find in “uninteresting,” I honestly hate it!

I am doing alright in my math classes, but I predict trouble in the future due to me slacking off recently. I think I am going to fail a reciprocal functions quiz on Monday… Better hit the books!

I am loving English! Fifth Business is great, not the best, but certainly up there. I am just a bit worried about the ISU essay that is due on the 7th. I don’t know if I can write out a full blown essay…

I am having problems at school both in and out of the classroom. But I believe I can make it through.

surely everything will be alright

After all, surely, I will be alright.


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