Fuck/fall report card/

I slept in today.

Now, I work up at 9:20. Which isn’t that bad. If I got myself together I would’ve made it to school for the second part of second period.

But I didn’t. I decided I need to read for English and just take the day off.

I am not upset with my decision, but I am really upset with my not waking up. This is the main reason for why I didn’t perform at my best in past years.

I am going to look for a better alarm clock after I post this. I need one that makes me do something so that it’ll shut off. My cell phone is just not working.



Oh, got my first progress report card. Really fucking awesome result! 94.3% average- The best I’ve done so far.

A lot of people are telling me how great it is, and told me to optimistic about the future. But I can’t help but to think that the mark will (and it definetly will) drop. Certain  today is not a great start to the “future.”


“Good luck Punny!”


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