So far… so…?

Just a post before October ends. I should be studying for my Physics and English test, but I think I need to get this off my chest. Instead of therapy, this is what I’m doing. I’m doing well, maybe just 2-3% below my expected performance in school, but I’m okay with it. Actually, I’m proud of how I’m doing.

My dad, on the other hand, is up my ass again about school. I just told him that accounting is making me scratch my head, and that I’m concidering dropping the course before full disclosure, which is at least a month away. He is now on his “ranting mode,” he has called me three times in the last half hour. He has gone from panicing about what my future will be to telling me that I am fucked for the future. The last time he called, I told him that I should be studying for physics.  He responds by telling me that I’m useless and shouldn’t study anymore….


I just turned my phone off.

I’m going to study for my two tests which I have already spent two nights on.I am going to go into these tests tomorrow and on wednesday. I am going to do my best on both of them. I will be really proud of whatever mark I get. As for accounting, I’m going to try hard to understand it and approach the tests without fear and with preparation. I am going to see what happens by November, and I am going to be happy with whatever decision I make when November rolls around.


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