Into the last year… until next year

So, I’m a gr.12 now. With the looming university shits ahead, I’m actually enjoying myself. The art club started today, anime club is going to start next week. So far I’m over my classwork, not the other way around.

The most suprising thing is my punctuation. It’s been almost two weeks, and no single lates. It’s awesome, I hope my motivations will help me keep this up.

I’m in denial about the future, I not planning to apply to any scholarships (other than the ones I automatically qualify for…), I’m just going to keep on top of my work and forget about the scholarship stuff.

I am worried about a few things, the looming English ISU is either going to be a hit, and rocket my English mark into safety, or it’s going to make my whole plan fail and I’ll have to redo English… Accounting is also making my head hurt. i am literally, a deer in headlights while I’m in that class.


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