One more year

Gr.12 starts tomorrow. I got butterflies fluttering from the stomach to the brain. There are so many things that I’m worried about, and so much of everything is dependent on this year…

I don’t have to be there until 11:00, so I’ll make a list of everything I have to do tomorrow.

-7:10 wake up (my busy summer fortunately allowed me to sleep in, so I need to get into the habbit of waking up early)

  1. get roller backpack
  2. put locks in
  3. organize a.functions and calculus into a binder, pack it
  4. pack gr.11 accounting binder
  5. get money to deposit (take an extra 40 dollars, need to buy school supplies later)
  6. pack some pens and pencils, just in case

-9:30 leave house

-10:45 arrive at school, meet up with the gr.10s

-11:00 go through the procedures written on my letter.


after orientation:

See if anyone wants to hang out. I barely went out the whole summer xD (the EX was one of the best time of my life though!). If everyone is busy, then go back to the Stockyard walmart to do some back-to-school shopping.


After tomorrow, it’s all about doing my best!

Good luck to me!!!! 😀


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