Sucesss! (at least 70% of it)

I finished my last assignment for virtual school today! I feel kind of acomplished, because last year I wasn’t determined enough to finish my American History course (from which I developed a vschool phobia).

Here’s are the statistics:


 In the last 24 days (june23-july17), I spent a total of 1 day, 20 hours and 48 minutes. I would say I spent a good 3 hours total in discussion boards and emailing assignments…. which means In the last 24 days, I spent 45+hours reading the text.

…which makes this period my most studious one.


The exam is next monday (3 days away), I also have a functions test on sunday.


Speaking of which, all the tests are open book… which kind of makes the whole thing pointless… what the point of testing your knowlege if you can look at your notes? I really don’t want any records of me being in this establishment.


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