Frustrated… much?

I got my report card in the mail two days ago. I hate the fact that I have to hide it from my parents, even though I worked harder than I ever did before.

I mean, some of the grades could be better… but they’re still not satisfied.

Anyways, Virtual Shool started.

I don’t even know why I’m taking this course, I hate accounting. I guess I’m just trying to prove that point to my dad, who is hell bent on sending me to study business in university.

It isn’t hard at all, but not being interested certainly doesn’t help to get the mountains of assignments done.

I’m not sure if you can tell from the first photo here, I’m trying to show how much notes are in this class. It’s almost as thick as that highlighter, and the course hasn’t even reached its midpoints yet.


2 Responses to “Frustrated… much?”

  1. Biko Says:

    Is virtual highschool easy to understand? I’m thinking of taking this during first semester. How would you describe the workload?

  2. Punny Says:

    Biko, I don’t know if you’ll ever read this. I apologize about posting this so late.

    Virtual school is different for every one. There are people who can get 100% on an online course but can only get a 70% during day school. Some people can learn really well on their own. Usually the reading material in vschool is really comprehensive, but it depends on how well each person absorbs the information. Some do it better than others.
    I personally had some difficulty learning from reading materials, with minimum communications to the teachers. I went through this accounting course with the help of other students on the vschool’s discussion board. We basically helped each other.

    Whatever you decide to do, if you feel like you need help, do all means to get it. It is important because you have no one else to measure yourself against, you don’t go through online courses with a group of other people, you go through it all on your own.

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