It’s…. over… :(

Well, Anime North 2008 is over.

To be honest, I think 2007 was their punchline year and they’ve hit their high point. This year wasn’t as exciting. The guests, panels, etc. were all less impressive. The week before the con started, I was considering not going at all.

I’m actually glad I went, because fun times were had. But I did wish it was more exciting, I wouldn’t have had as much fun if my friends weren’t there. Although I wish I had more chances to enjoy the con more than having fun with friends. No offence…. to the crew.

I set a few goals this year, to not spend much money, and to be less anal about everything. I DO hate the typical teenage anime fandom but I know that I am there to enjoy the convention, not the people attending it. I was a lot more laid back this year, instead of getting into arguments with the “yaoi box,” I laughed it off as I walked pass him/her this year. Not a lot of money was spent this year, around twenty-five bucks. Which is great. Although I think my kidneys almost exploded several times when I was telling myself to not to buy some items.

Besides that, there was a lot of angst this year, drama between friend, and a lovely pizza pizza receptionist that I am now in love with.



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