Ass blockage

School is bogging me down again. I’ll make a to do list as a blog entry. I can’t seem to find a pen and a piece of paper at the same time..

Physics: New Unit, I’ll be Okay


Chemistry: Test (probably next week) and I have no idea what is going on in class!

Math: New unit, everything is fine so far.

Music: 1.Music History project (I need a weekend to complete this 2.Non Western music project, shouldn’t be too hard. I can probably complete both of these in a weekend.

MUSIC EXAM WTF!!!!! *BANGS HEAD ON TABLE* I hope I have enough time to practise.

English: Macbeth, I’m having fun!

Oh, THIS thing is four. I’ve been looking forward to it for the entire year. But as it gets closer, the more and more I am annoyed with it. There goes a precious weekend of studying!

EXAMS IN 3 WEEKS @_@!!!!



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