1 month in…

Not that I’m lazy… but I’ve come to realize that I’ll never be able to actively keep this blog up, so I’ll write whenever I have the time.

Almost 2 Month into the school year, I’ve been doing okay. I’ve had a few(really high) ups and(really low) downs in all my subjects. My biggest annoyance is math. I know everything, I’m good with the course, everything is in my belt… and yet, I’m not doing well on the tests. I’ve studied so hard, and I’m not even scrapping an 85%… a big problem seeing that I’m currently aiming for CS program in university.

Speaking of CS, I think I’m doing okay. Virtual School is okay- I don’t favour it to a real school, I think the lack of communication is terrible. I’m doing okay, not outstanding, on the course work- which worries me because this course is the most important of anything. I would also like it if my teacher will tell me how I’m doing in the course, I haven’t got any marks on the assignments… which makes me feel unsure of how I’m doing.

My punctuation isn’t improving much… I miss school about once every 1 week, which is not good. I’m trying so hard to structure my schedule.. (which doesn’t explain why I’m posting AT 2:20!!!)


-good luck to me!


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