The Beaver Invaision

First off, I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. I’d like to have a reason for this… but the only excuse is that I lead a boring(in other words, normal) life.

Now, on with the topic of this post.

My head was invaded by  beavers today.

..actually, my mother decided to show off her non-existing hair styling abilities.

…I’ll post pictures later, it’s quite the job.

Basically, I’ve had my hair down to my back for 6 years now. Due to the summer heat and my skin infections, my mother and I agreed to cut it to around the shoulder length.

During the cutting, my mother’s lack of judgement in angles left me with one side of my side with REALLY short hair while the other side is at shoulder length…

me: “WAH! I hope it grows a bit when school starts.”


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