Fan-gasim and Other Stories

I really should blog about things when they happen, it would make the accounts of my history more “chronologically organized.” Oh well, laziness prevails!

Yesterday, being July 18, I was called to my landlord’s lot to pick up an item…


TA DAH! – My first Anime Cel from Cardcaptor Sakura. Now I officially own a piece of the animation!


shots of the sketch


paint from the back.


additional shots.


Now, to the more serious and somber part of my post…Update on [ no name ], my guinea pig:

She is officially handy caped, it’s not shock but probably major trauma… or worst, smashed organs. My father is currently looking after her at his house in London. After observing her for a few days, he realized that her bottom half has started to rot as absolutely no circulation was going through. She has also became less active than ever before, signs of decaying. He is going to take her to a humane society and put her down.


[ no name ], during the first night. – I will miss you.


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