Possible audio drama?

I have a voice recording that I carry around everywhere I go. Here is one of the more… interesting things I have recorded…

Names and voices are censored for the participant’s protection.


EDIT: Transcription:

K: [J] is practically drooling on his Freddie Mercury action figure in front of the store on Saturday night.

J: ’cause I like the jacket

K: yeah, cause he likes the jacket


////(too much for me the understand… ’tis a clusterfuck.)



2 Responses to “Possible audio drama?”

  1. invisiblest Says:

    J: [Something] is hot. And I’m going to steal it from [C].
    K: [Laughs] Juan was practically, like, drooling on this Freddy Mercury action figure in front of a store on Saturday night-
    J: [something] Jacket
    K: Yeah, ‘cause he likes the jacket. It’s hot, ‘cause it’s Freddy Mercury’s jacket, and he likes Freddy Mercury.
    J: Ok, I wasn’t talking about [X]’s cock, like you and [Y].
    K: I didn’t start that conversation, I was trying to end it!
    J: But you were saying, like, [indistinct].
    K: But you’re the one who mentioned it!
    J: No, I just say because of his shoes he must have a big cock!
    K: I didn’t say that! I didn’t say that!
    [Laughing in background, J trying to speak]
    J: I was asking, “What about [X]’s cock, what about [X]’s cock?” Is he [small?]?
    K: [Indistinct] You want to know about [X]’s cock, I don’t!
    J: [Some simultaneous speaking, indistinct] I just said he has a big one, because of his big shoes…
    K: I didn’t say that, and I don’t want to know!
    J: You and [Y]were talking about that.
    K: I don’t want to know! Tell him I don’t want to know!
    J: See, I drool over Freddy Mercury’s jacket, you drool over [X]’s cock!
    K: I wasn’t, god!
    You are deleting this, right? [Indistinct reply in background] Come on, you can’t blackmail me, I’m broke! Come on, delete, delete!
    J: Gao.
    K: Well, i-if I recall correctly, [J] was an active participant in the discussion of [X]’s cock.
    J: I wasn’t. I.. You were talking about [Y] about the cock and I was just curious and I said… [Indistinct, overlapping]
    K: I wish to end the discussion! I [do not want to hear you] talking about fucking penises! He does this to me all the time!
    J: Okay, I’m-
    K: And if it’s not penises then he’s trying to guess my bra size!
    J: And if the rest of the group is talking about [X]’s cock I just go like, “What about [X]’s cock” because I was curious…It’s not…
    K: Oh, yeah, you’re curious, but you’re going to start this conversation that never happened then blame it on me, right? Ha! I said nothing, I said nothing! [J attempts to speak, indistinct] It’s all in your head! It’s aaaall in your head!!
    You are so deleting this!
    J: Gao, gao, gao, gao, gao, gao!
    [Sirens in background]

  2. invisiblest Says:

    *cackles* That took me for-fucking-ever. I really need a life.

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