Canada Day ’07

I went to hell for Canada day.

The other half of my family(the father side) decided to go to African Lion Safari on Saturday(JUNE30). I don’t know why people flock to this place, all the animals in there have lost their will to behave like they do in the wilderness. The works there had to practically chase the lions around with their truck in order to get them to move. All the other animals did not have any highlights surrounding them. The game zone had a road going through it, so all the animals had to do was to steer clear and away from the road in order to sit their lazy asses down. The most active animals were the monkeys and to my annoyance, they stayed active by jumping onto people’s cars. This act is cute for the first five seconds, but not afterwards. There’s nothing more annoying than having a monkey on either side of your car, sitting on your side-view mirror and trying to tap your windows open. Our mirror frames were shaking and I got a good look at a monkey’s penis for about five minutes. Of course, the penis viewing was followed up by my 10-years-old sister’s question, ‘Why is it dangling?”


😀 So, how was your holiday?


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