TDSB virtual school

I went to the information session for virtual school this evening. As this is my first time, everything that could’ve gone wrong, in fact, did go wrong.

I got lost on my way there, I actually got off at the wrong stop and had to walk for an hour to get there. Once I arrived, I was greeted with a very disorganized  group of staff/volunteers. The two ladies who were in charge of the section that I belonged to, did not have the pile of receipt papers and resulted in a lineup of people who were all late for the first set of presentation.

The information and teachers meet wasn’t too bad, although there was an idiot who had to shove his tech-knowledge in everyone’s face.

The journey home was terrible, there were tons of teenagers blabbing their mouth in the loudest way possible. It made my 2 hour bus ride to Kipling subway station very painful.

I’m glad these things only happened during VIRTUAL school, which means I won’t have to see these idiots until the final exams.


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