Romeo x Juliet

Okay, I’m four days late on posting this, so shame on me.

Unfortunately, I have no understanding of the Japanese language, and since there is no digi-sub group working on this, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. There will be character names and titles that will not be translated by me, they might be original characters or their names have been romanized and I don’t have the knowledge to determine what their name actually is. Okay, enough said – LET’S ROLL!


We are introduced to a scene at the beginning of the episode. Tw0-years-old Juliet is walking with her “sister” in the hallways. I am going to suppose that she’s having a hard time falling asleep and her sister decides to take her to Capulet and Lady Capulet. However, Juliet and her “sister” arrive at her parent’s door just in time to see Capulet being killed by assassins, who notice the two girls and proceed to chase them down as they ran down the hall. The two girls are rescued just in times by the Capulet bodyguard.


I was not very impressed when GONZO announced the opening song for this series, the Japanese rendition of “You Raise Me Up” did not impress me at all when I heard it. However, when I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the opening. The song defiantly set the correct mood for the series. The visual in the opening was good, some of it was a bit too random but it isn’t bad at all. One problem I had with it was a visual at the end of the opening. I think Gonzo thinks that there needs to be a naked chick in every one of their production… and Romeo X Juliet is no exception, we see a naked Juliet panning across the screen close the ending. Yay Gonzo…


It sucks. That’s all I have to say, I think Gonzo was trying to appeal to the modern “Otaku” fan girls. The closing was “Cyclone by 12012. Gonzo probably threw this song is to attract the attention to the visual-kei whores who will probably gush over the “bishonen” character designs of the show. This results in a Gothic style visual ending that has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the show and totally ruins the mood of the show.

I think I might start reviewing each episodes in detail. But like I said before, I do not have the skills to understand everything that is going on so I am not the right person to be doing it. I will write reviews if no one else does.


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