Romeo x Juliet, anime with alternate settings

New anime coming out in April: Romeo x Juliet

Okay, there is not a lot of things that are know right now about this… and I’ll definatly be keep you all posted on anything new that’s released. From what’s released so far, I have to say that this thing is “HAWT,” it leaves scorching marks behind! There is a trailer at the offical website of Romeo xJuliet. (click here)

Please watch the trailer, the animation is awesome… this anime is produced by Gonzo. For those of you who don’t know, Gonzo productions is the 800 pound gorilla of animation. Their animation is always top notch and will make you drool. (kaworu can attest to this)

okay, now that I’m done with my fan-gasim… I do have to remind everyone of something… although GONZO has the biggest belt ofthe anime industry… they do have a problem.


Some of the anime that they produced by theirself have been abominations in the eyes of god. The good stuff that they produce are all written or co-written with other production companies. Although it’s pretty early, but right now GONZO is the only listed company.

So, lets hope that either GONZO pull their heads out of their butt and create a decent (at least) plot or get writers to come in to do the writing.

Click here to go to the romeo x juliet web page on ANN


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