Newyears raidings

so, to make things better, I went shopping with a friend of mine. I spent around a hundred dollars all together. I finally had the courage to buy the $34.99 Cardcaptor Sakura figure from Kikiwai.


Later on, we went to hunt down this taiwanese series that he wanted to watch. After going around, we finally found a store that stocked it… however, there was no english subtitles…

This “friend” of mine became a jackass at the end of the day, a store owner was being friendly with me and offered me a free magazine(because I spent 40+ dollars in one shot)… so this “friend” automatically jumps to the conclusion that the owner is hitting on me… T_T

If anyone sees this person above, please go ahead and kill him.


2 Responses to “Newyears raidings”

  1. kaworu Says:

    You forgot to add that he call you CUTE ♥

  2. Punny Says:

    … I would like to step on your penis until it falls off.

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