There’s three more minutes until 2007 comes. 2006 has been an wacky year for me, right now I’m home by myself. I am currently watching the discovery channel and it’s currently running a marathon for a series of programs related to the contemporary chinese culture. It made me (hey the clock just ticked, it’s now 2007!) come to think about the human race and how personal greed is going to eventually bring the world down. The constant movement of improving technology is going too fast for us. The programs I’ve watched for the past two hours pointed out several situation where, because of the fast paced economy of China, many of its tradition and cultures are quickly fading away. The on that really hit the nail on the head is about the construction of the three gorges dam. As the dam continues to be constructed, the people who live in the area are loosing their 2000+ direct culture. The newly found ancient artefacts around the river has been let go in order to build the dam. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but it defiantly makes me sad to say this will continue and traditions and culture will continue to loose the advancement of technology.


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