I’m in frickcin’ Ottawa!


What happened?!

Back in October 2011, I chose to go to Ottawa for my first work term.

Mainly because I want to get away from everything (not my friends, I LOVE YOU GUYS). I needed a vacation.

I made a bad decision career-wise. I feel that I was tricked because the job description does not match what I’m doing. But this is a rant for another time.

I have a lot more time now. But I have been neglecting this blog for some odd reason. Here are some photo dumps of the stuff I have done since coming to Ottawa:


I innocently got on a train without realizing that my job is a joke and the $600 deposit I put on my room was going to a waste.

The train ride was longer than I expected. My butt was hurting by the end. Ottawa greeted me with black skies and a few lights. I thought I was in a field 😦

Slumlord Trap

I didn’t get the actual confirmation of my job until December 23rd, so I did not want to commit to a house until I knew I was employed. This left me with a few days to find a place. I naively set down a $600 deposit for a small room in a house that I did not look at before arriving. Bad mistake and lesson learned. Next time I will spend a night or two in a hotel and actually see the rooms first.

The address of this place is 489 Maclaren St. If you are a stranger and stumbled upon this post. I wish that you will read the rest of this second and see the pictures for yourself. I cannot repeat myself more. Stay stay stay AWAY from this place. The entire house is disgusting and smelt of ammonia. It would take a major revamp to get this place to a sanitary condition to live in.

The window had a piece missing. This is winter. There is nothing between the room and the weather other than a screen.

The place was absolutely disgusting. I was promised a clean, basic place and as you can see, I did not get that. The mouse trap had rotting food on it and the kitchen was not sanitary. I left the place after 10 minutes and looked for a new place.

Beacon of Light

I immediately started calling places to see if I can move in right away. I got very lucky. The first place I called was 3 blocks away. Once I arrived, the landlord was extremely empathetic and the house was more than “basic, clean and liveable.” I took a few pictures of one of the rooms. This is not my room, but it is very similar:

My landlord is very nice. My room mates are awesome too. They were very welcoming and we talk frequently.

Moved in!

After settling down for the night, mom and I went out for a late night dinner(oh yeah, thank god mom came along with me!)

My Office

My work environment is very welcoming. My coworkers are really nice and my boss is very chill.

A quirk tradition in our department. This decor is passed on to the newest employee of the department, who must pass it on the next new employee. I heard some people just moved into our department. So I might be loosing this soon. 😦

The Weather


I got trolled by Ottawa’s weather. Out of all the things I considered, climate was not one of them. As a Torontonian, I suffered greatly.

My daily schedule:

  1. Wake up at 06:30
    1. put on snow pants
    2. waddle to work
  2. Lunch time
    1. put on snow pants
    2. waddle to find food
  3. 17:00
    1. put on snow pants
    2. waddle to gym
  4. 18:30
    1. put on snow pants
    2. waddle madly home

This is a nice day. While there is a shitload of snow on the ground, my face is not assaulted with fast-falling snow.

this is what most days are like. My face hurts.


Watpub makes life easier. We meet up every week to do things such as visiting museums. They also brought along many new experiences for me. Thanks guys.

On Being Alone

I have a problem with being alone. Moving to Ottawa means a new city with absolutely no one. It wasn’t until Watpub that I actually met up with people that I can relate to. It’s a lot better now. My room mates and I get along fine as well. I chose Ottawa to get away from school and to avoid going home. But I really do miss my friends.

New hobby to keep me from going insane. As great as work is, there is still a taste of cubicle syndrome. These make my little area have more character.


It’s in a few days. I will not be celebrating since I am in Ottawa by myself. It’s also the day after Family day, which I will also not observe since it is a provincial holiday and I am a federal public servant. 😦

I have been thinking about what I should treat myself on my birthday. A recent conversation enlightened me to a few expensive items that are staples for every young woman. Neither I, or the friends I hang out with have ever considered this factor. So it seems like a very big investment right now.

Here is a front runner. I hope this doesn’t turn into an obsession 😦

It’s the Fossil, Maddox Patchwork Satchel, with a price tag of $228.00, a pretty big investment. It also does not blend in with everything, so I don’t think it should be my first purse. But it is the one that instantly stood out to me among all the other bags at the Fossil store. On the other side of the coin, how many purses will I buy? Probably just one. Shouldn’t I buy the one that I like?

It’s pro vs con notepad time.


The people I met in Ottawa certainly made me re-evaluate my opinion on my place in society. I never thought too much on the importance of blending in to society standards. Now, there are people who will say that this is unnecessary and that the most important thing is yourself. Screw what other people things! But there are things in life that we do against our ideals. We see unjust things but suppress them because it will cause too much problems if we stand out.

But I think both sides are bullshit. it is sometimes selfish to do the right thing. Because the right thing is sometimes not the ideal things and you will be breaking some of the responsibilities that you carry. We have to suck up shit and turn a blind eye to be conservative.

I think we need to find a balance between the two extremes. To do the right thing while still being able to shoulder our responsibilities to those we care about.

Finding that balance is seemingly impossible. So I will take it one step at a time. There will be regrets along the way. But in the bigger picture, surely everything will be okay.


Midterm slump – 2A


I had to differentiate this term. Seeing as how there is a slump for every term.

I had some surprises this term. In terms of school, they were all bad. I thought I aced my cs245 midterm. It turns out I got a 67%. It seems I just didn’t understand one of the main questions.

While the grades are not released, I honestly feel like I failed my cs246 midterm. I actually left about half of the midterm blank, and I am not too confident about the stuff that I wrote down.

I’m pulling an allnighter on a Sunday night/ Monday morning so that I can get my schedule back on track. I am currently sitting in the big mac labs in MC. There is one other dude in here, he looks like he was masturbating a few moments ago. Now he is cutting his nails. 😦 Gross.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday




See advisor


MATH 235


See counsellor


STAT 230


Ranking due 2pm


245 TUT

235 TUT





Read Ch1



















Review A1-3

Read Ch2

Read Ch3

















230- Wing it!


Review A4

Read Ch3

Read Ch4

245 Due













Read Ch4




















246 Due

Review A4-7

I am not going to use the invincible spell because I have no faith in myself this time. 😦

Learning to love


I am learning to love Computer Science. Slowly.

It is a love-hate relationship. I feel more and more discouraged at the beginning. But the feeling of enlightenment upon finding the solution is priceless. This feeling has not changed since grade 10. It is a great reminder of why I chose to go into CS.
Thank you.

The term is in progress. I have my worries, but I am more mellow this term. Chaos is brewing, but I feel pretty calm.

I had my first (real) interview. I fell very confident about it. I think I could have done better had I focused on the things I already knew prior to the interview.

Funny enough, although I did not get the job, I have absolutely no regrets. I learned a lot from this interview. It was a positive experience. I stayed true to myself and took risks (this risk did not contribute to my failure to secure the position). Prior to being paged, I spent 20 minutes debating on whether to bring my yearbook with me, or how I should bring it without looking unprofessional.
In the end, I decided to hold my head high and walk in with the yearbook unhidden. If there was a chance for me to showcase my work, then I will accept it along with its consequences.
Even if my yearbook did not help me, or made me look unprofessional, I still believe I made the right choice.

On being lonely


A new term is starting.


Seeing the first years wondering around made me realize something.


I am afraid of being lonely.


I never thought about this. But I was never alone. The only time when I was without friends, I ended up withdrawing from school.


I have always treasured friendship. I never underestimated the power of my friends and the comfort that they provided.

But I never thought I would be so lonely.

Utilities Wishlist.


Sadly, my Teflon pot died a few weeks ago. Death by scratching. For the sake of the apartment’s health, it is now retired.

I loved that pot. It was the first piece of serious cookware that I purchased by myself. I was always careful of with it, but things like this happen. I will move on and start over.



Moving on. I noticed that I am always in need of a few items that I do not have possession of. I will write all of it down here as a wish list.

  1.  A face towel. I’m tired of carrying around a bath towel whenever I need something to dry myself.
  2. A shallow, non-stick. Something sturdy, that CAN handle scratches
  3. A bigger bowl. I have one, but one isn’t enough.
  4. A dutch oven. My soup/broiling nightmares will be over.

New hobby


75% of the apartment is now into polymer clay sculpting.

But before that, here are some shots from earlier last week. I woke up After pulling another all-nighter, I was greeted with a foggy morning.

This is the most amount of fog I have seen in at least twelve years.

warning, the above images were not resized. Gigantic images awaits if you click.

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Cubnime, 2011 Revival



I hope it’s a revival.

I had a lot of fun making this layout 3 years ago. Unfortunately, it was never completed and therefore never made it to the (now defunct) shinjuu.net server.


I just set up the layout and index page. Unfortunately, it does not seem like I can do php scripts with my current hosting. But I will find a loop hole around it!

 I realize it’s redundant to censor my exact hosting location. But I don’t think anyone will try too hard to search for this site. And therefore I can have some bit of anonymity retained.

Young heart


I had have a crush on my math teacher.

I am taking a break from studying for my CS 136 midterm.

My math teacher always intrigued me. He entered my high school as a teacher the same year I became a freshman. Although I did not talk to him until my senior year, I was always intrigued by him. He was good looking, and his background was very interesting. I was naturally drawn to him.

I still remember nodding to him shyly as we crossed each other in his hall way. My heart would skip a beat whenever he nods back. Maybe it was the big cart he was pushing around, but at an early stage, I could tell that he was geeky. My curiosity was peeked.

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Victoria Day 2011


I haven’t done this in a long time.

Nods go to the Alien, and Kaitou-Al. Thank you for a great night!


On a side note. I changed the header image for the blog. It is now Kero-Chan. 🙂


2011-06-06 edit:



Still cannot talk about it


It’s weird. Every time I try to sit down, and record what happened in 2009-10, words just seem to escape me.

I would sit down, but have nothing to type. Which is not true, because I have a lot to say about that year. Even though a year has gone by, there are many emotional scars left from that year.

But on the other hand, there are many  things that I want to remember from this year. The new experiences I gain by bumming around. The people I have met. I want to write down all of the good things too. With time, I am worried that memories might fade, and I may gradually forget these people and experiences. I want to treasure these moments that I cannot express.


It’s late. I should sleep and dream about combinatorics.